How to correct the colour

How to correct the colour

(from dark to light)

Basic colors

10 yellow ultra light blond
9 yellow very light blond
8 yellow light blond
7 ¾ yellow ¼ red medium blond
6 ½ yellow½ red dark blond
5 ¼ yellow ¾ red light brown
4 red medium brown
3 red brown
2 red dark brown
1 very red black

If you want to colour the hair lighter, mix the decolouring then as follows: 50 gr KeraBlond + 25 ml hot water + 25 ml 6% OxyCreme + 25 ml KeraClean Volume Shampoo. First apply this to the darkest part and then to the remainder of the hair. Rinse the hair as soon as the right shade has been achieved (see table), and wash the hair using KeraMax Shampoo. Treat the hair before colouring it again, for which you could use KeraBoost Infusion and KeraMax Treatment.

Colour correction with a demi-permanent colouring

To correct the colour after using the KeraBlond or another lighter colouring, you can use the DMI-permanent colouring in combination with the desired KeraCream Color corrector.

The mixture ratio= 1:2

For example: 25 ml KeraCream Color + 50 ml 1,9% KIS DMI Lotion


  • Prior to decolouring always frst check the condition of the hair thoroughly. Check elasticity, texture and damage.
  • Do not decolour if the hair or scalp are damaged or irritated!