How to use super lighteners

How to use super lighteners

Super Lighteners are available in fve shades, enabling you to achieve the exact shade of blond you want. You can colour the hair 4-5 shades lighter, without having to use heat.

5 super lighteners

10 FP Super Light Pearl Blond
10 SP Super Light Platinum blond
10 SA Super Light Ash blond
10 SG Super Light Golden blond
10 S Super Light Blond

Mixture 1:1.5

For example: 50 ml Super Lighteners + 75 ml 9% or 12% OxyCreme.

Note: when using several tints at once, mix these well before adding OxyCreme

Example mixture ratio’s superlighteners

Desired colour (1 part) KIS OxyCreme 9 or 12% (1.5 part)
1/4 tube = 25 ml 37 ml
1/2 tube = 50 ml 75 ml
3/4 tube = 75 ml 112 ml
1/1 tube = 100ml 150 ml

Untreated hair

Apply colour to lengths and ends and work it in down to the root. Time to set: 40-50 minutes.


Only apply the colour to the regrowth. Do not comb this up to the ends of the hair; this could result in an uneven effect.