How to use Ultra lighteners

How to use Ultra lighteners

The Ultra Lighteners are available in three shades, so you can precisely obtain the desired blonde tint. You can shine hair to 5 color heights lighter, without the use of heat.

Three Ultra Lighteners

12 PA Parel As
12 FB Fantasy Beige
12 FV Fantasy Violet

Blend ratio ultra lighteners = 1: 2

For example: 50 ml Ultra Lightener + 100 ml 12% KIS OxyCreme.

Note: If you use multiple shades, mix them thoroughly before adding the KIS OxyCreme.

Examples blend ultra lighteners

Desired color (1 part) KIS OxyCreme 12% (2 parts)
1/4 tube = 25 ml 50 ml
1/2 tube = 50 ml 100 ml
3/4 tube = 75 ml 150 ml
1/1 tube = 100ml 200 ml

Untreated hair

Apply the color to the lengths and dots and then work on immediately. Operating time: 50-60 minutes.


Apply the color only to the outgrowth. Do not pass this to the points; This can cause an uneven result.