Made by hairdressers, for hairdressers


The Keratin Infusion System proves that there is always room for improvement. KIS combines the best of American and European haircare into a complete and unique haircare line. The system contains a revolutionary formula that focuses on restoring hair from within. American haircare is known for being advanced in repairing the condition of the hair whereas European haircare is at the forefront when it comes to techniques in colouring and perms. KIS brings the best of these two worlds together in one revolutionary hair care line, with the common denominator for all products: the Keratin Infusion System.

KIS in your salon

Keep It Sparkling


When do you have success with a color? Of course if it is exactly as desired, covers nicely and lasts for a long time. If you really want to surprise your customers, color their hair with KIS CeraCream COLOR. With this you color and restore the hair in one go. The Keratin Infusion System is already active during the treatment. The result: a color that radiates from within. Because the healthier the hair, the more sparkling the color. And the greater the WOW-effect.

Keep It Sensational


You have hair care and you have KIS CARE! A true sensation for stylist and consumer. This complete and at the same time compact hair care line not only cleans and cares for, but also rebuilds the hair. Regardless of the type of hair, regardless of its condition. The natural keratin of the Keratin Infusion System repairs damaged hair and strengthens healthy hair from the inside.

Keep In Style


The healthier the hair, the better it is to style. That is why KIS STYLING not only works on the outside, but also on the inside. Again, the Keratin Infusion System brings the hair back into balance with natural keratin. This is ultra light, so that the hair does not become heavier and is easy to model. For this KIS STYLING offers a wide range of products, for every desired look. For in the salon and at home.

Keep In Shape


Reshaping the hair and keeping it in top condition at the same time? Where other perms have an attack on the hair, KIS PERM has a repairing effect. The Keratin Infusion System penetrates deep into the hair during the treatment and replenishes the missing keratin. The hair recovers and gets extra bounce, volume and body. Exactly in the desired shape. Keep in shape!

Close To Perfect


When is a shampoo or conditioner perfect? If it’s 100% natural? Or if it cleans or cares for 100%? Of course both would be best. But we know this is not feasible. That is why the new KIS Green opts for nature with a plus: as many natural ingredients as possible and as many other active ingredients as necessary. KIS Green is 100% vegan (no animal ingredients and at least 87% natural). The products are packed with natural ingredients and are enriched with delicious aromas, directly from nature. We think it’s quite perfect.